Saturday, June 20, 2015

Your New Purse MUST HAVE

I've already swooned about this a little bit here, but I thought it was high time to elaborate and get you all as excited as I am about this product. The bareMinerals Pop of Passion Lip Oil-Balm has a permanent reservation in my purse. I'm telling you, it will live there until it's time for a replacement, meaning I've scraped every last bit of it out of the tube.

Available at Ulta, Sephora, & Nordstrom

Let's talk details. These tubes of hydration come in 8 different colors. They are a hybrid of an oil and balm that provides a perfect combination of moisture, color, and shine. I don't even want to call it shine. They market it as a shine, but I would call it a sheen. Basically, it does not shine like a lipgloss, if that's what you're concerned about.

As it wears, it creates a beautiful lightweight stain on the lips that lasts even after you've wiped your lip color off. What does this mean? It means that after you eat that sandwich for lunch and have that feeling of lingering crumbs on your lips and wipe your mouth clean, your lips still have a hint of color!

I got Rose Passion. . . perfection!

In terms of color payoff, these oil-balms give your lips a beautiful color that mimics what you might find in an opaque lipgloss, minus that sticky lacquered feeling. You can swipe on one sheer layer of color or build it up a little bit. Because of the formulation, the color looks as if it has melted into your lips giving you that "my lips just happen to be this fabulous color naturally" look. I LOVE THAT!

I can put this on in the morning, have breakfast and notice that my lip color feels like it has worn off, and head to the bathroom to realize the following:

  • My lips have a gorgeous stain left on them, so even though I can't feel the product anymore, those looking at me can still see it.
  • I can refresh the color and not have that product build up issue that you get with lipgloss where it gets gunky and gross. You know the feeling. . . the one that makes you wipe all of your lip color off, put on fresh lip balm, and reapply everything again from scratch.
  • My lips actually feel re-hydrated after swiping on some more!

And for $16?! Now that is my idea of affordable luxury for your lips! Skip the two lipsticks from the drugstore you "just threw in your basket to try", that will end up in a junk drawer after one awful swipe and get something you know will make your lips feel and look gorgeous!

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