Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Swimming, Dancing, and Appreciating Our Soldiers

This weekend was incredible! My family gathered at my brother's house for a cookout/Memorial Day party. The music was bumping, my nieces and I were dancing up a storm, and I kept looking around and seeing all these smiling faces on the people I love. Yesterday I went swimming, played games with my nephews and nieces, sang to old school jams with my brother, and continued to work on my tan. Good times, people!

Memorial Day for many of us is a welcome day off from work. It means, "Hey, you've worked hard, here's a day to play hooky for free!" But that's not what it is really about. A friend of mine posted on Facebook about the importance of not getting distracted by all the sales advertised in television commercials, or the cookouts everyone in planning to attend, and instead remember what it is really about: celebrating and remembering those who have fought for our freedom.

So. . . . to all who have served in our armed forces, thank you for your service and sacrifice. To all of you who have lost someone, know that you're in my thoughts and prayers. I hope everyone has a beautiful day today and make sure you take a moment to appreciate the ones you love.

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