Monday, April 13, 2015

Reconnecting With Old Friends

As I went digging through the archives of my makeup collection looking for eyeshadows for this week's YouTube video I kept coming across colors I was not looking for. Do you ever decide on cleaning and come across a box of photos? What's the rule? Everyone knows that the moment you start looking through those photos the cleaning session is now over! Suddenly hours have passed and you're still in the same spot reminiscing about memories from long ago with a stack of photos spread around you on the floor.

Well, my friends, the same can be said of going through your makeup. One eyeshadow after another, I was faced with an old friend I hadn't seen in a long time. Hello, lovelies!

I usually buy my MAC eyeshadows in palette form so that I can stick them into a palette and keep them all together. However, I still have plenty of single pot eyeshadows that came out in limited edition collections. These beauties came out during a time I was obsessed with bright bold color. I didn't want anything to do with nude or neutral looks, but because I was working for MAC and the N Collection was out, I had to embrace it.

Boy am I glad I did! It wasn't until a friend posted a photo of me from work one day wearing the N Collection that I saw the other side of makeup. The side where makeup transforms you into an enhanced version of the natural beauty you already are! It blew me away. I thought if I covered my eyes with all the colors of the rainbow it was the only way to look better. I had a lot to learn.

Now don't get me wrong. . . this week's video is featuring bright bold eyeshadow. But, my makeup aesthetic has evolved and continues to do so. This spring I am all about a bright lip, and after rediscovering these little babies, I am confident that all will play perfectly together in the sandbox.

Take a dig through your makeup and let me know what you rediscover via Twitter @buzzwithkee, Instagram @thebeautybuzzwithkee, or Facebook TheBeautyBuzzWithKee

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