Saturday, April 11, 2015

Planning a Weekend Pamper Party

We plan parties for so many things and I'm all about it! I love to have an excuse to have friends over to chat, laugh, and spend quality time together. It's too cold outside and everyone is in need of girl time? Throw a hot chocolate party! Birthday coming up? Birthday brunch is in the works!

But what about relaxation?

I think it's time we start throwing Weekend Pamper Parties!

One of the things I loved the most about sleepovers in middle and high school was that it gave us girls a reason to do all the girly things we really loved with friends! Unfortunately, as we get older, those moments become a thing of the past. Why don't we get together, pamper ourselves, flip through those glossy magazines that have been piling up (because we're too busy to read them) and put on some great music or television?

Here's my recipe for a lovely Weekend Pamper Party:

  1. Write out invitations. When is the last time you received an invitation in the mail to something you actually wanted to go to? Handwritten invitations are a rarity nowadays which makes them feel special. . .and in turn, makes the recipient feel special. Don't you want to provide that experience for your friends?
  2. Consolidate your resources. If you love nail polish and three of your friends love nail polish, don't you think between the four of you that would result in a lot of nail polish? Variety is fun! This is when everyone gets to possibly try something new. Have each of your friends bring over their own "Pamper Essentials", whether it be face masks, nail polish, or magazines. Sharing is caring!
  3. Prepare some snacks. Food really brings people together and sometimes the absence of food can leave people feeling awkward. To keep things easy, plan two beverages and one snack. I like water with lemon and iced tea for beverages in the Spring and some kind of finger food. French fries anyone???
  4. Set the mood with music or TV. I have been LOVING the new show Younger on TVLand. I have been tweeting about it weekly. It's hysterical, fun, and only 30 minutes. It's a show that I watch and find myself wishing for my girlfriends to chat and laugh with. It won't take over the entire night's festivities and will be a welcome activity. I have also been jamming to Matt & Kim's new album New Glow. Words cannot express the crazy awesome dance party that ensues the moment I hear Hey Now! (What's funnier is that I just watched the video for the first time, and I dance just like Kim in the video when the song comes on!) Perfect fun music when hanging with your friends!
  5. Live it up! Don't fuss over heavy cleaning or being the best hostess. Sit and really engage with your friends. You'll have the best memories and all continue laughing about the great time you had in the weeks that follow.
What do YOU do to pamper yourself? Tweet me @buzzwithkee or tag me in your Instagram pic @thebeautybuzzwithkee.

If you're one of my friends who live nearby, keep your eyes on those mailboxes. You never know when you'll receive an invite for a Weekend Pamper Party from me.  :)

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