Monday, March 2, 2015

I Lost It!!!

Which one of these beauties went missing?  

I bought all three of these items, plus a few other things, on the same day. It was a few weeks back. I took all three along with me to my parents' house overnight. I used all three of those items. Only one of those items has not been used since.

Where did you go?

My lips are hydrated.
I used the "Mystery Product" in my last video here.

Where is my shower scrub?!?!?!? I have looked EVERYWHERE and cannot find it. I even checked the bathroom at my parents' house yesterday and it is not there. I only got to use it once and it smelled like a tropical getaway. But I didn't have any lotion or body butter to lock in the moisture to get a real feel for how effective (or not) it was. Where is my tropical getaway spa day at home I had planned? Lost in space. . . . or my closet.

What is a girl to do?

Continue searching?


Ugh. . . . 

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