Monday, February 23, 2015

Things I Love Lately

This winter has been brutal the last couple weeks!

Snow, cold, ice. I know they are all expectations of winter in the northeast, but that does not stop me from feeling the effects of a miserable indoor existence!

With that being said, there have been many things I am LOVING lately.
Blogging, making YouTube videos, TV watching, cooking yummy food, snuggling with the best blanket EVER that my momma made me, and lighting candles.

This post is a peek into the MANY things I love today and expect I will continue loving right into sunny Spring. Grab a cup of coffee because I have quite a bit to share. Are you ready?!


I love burning candles in the winter. They make your house smell amazing and offer a warm glow to a room. These two have been rocking my world lately! The Frosted Cranberry is from Bath & Body works and is a present from last Christmas. I just took it out a few weeks ago and quickly realized what I had been missing! It burns evenly the entire way, adding the perfect warm and slightly sweet fragrance to the air. The Succulent Garden candle was a find at Target. This little gem smells like Spring! It is the epitome of what you are hit with when you walk into the Philadelphia Flower Show. . .bright, fresh, beautiful flowers. It isn't overly floral. If anything, it smells like the best perfume. If I could bottle this and spritz it on my body daily, I would!


I don't believe in waiting for Spring to wear "Spring colors" because I'm anti-trendy. Don't know what that is? Read here! One thing that always brightens up a dreary winter day is light, bright, colorful nail polish. Each of these colors just makes me feel like I deserve a large ice cold glass of homemade iced tea and a cozy seat on a balcony.


Pancakes are becoming a snow day favorite. I tend to be a purist when it comes to pancakes. Hands down the best pancakes I have ever had and crave more than anything are from IHOP. There is a reason they are so popular! Whatever their recipe is. . .wow is all I can say. Love, love, love! These bad boys over here to the left are "homemade", out of the box, "just add water" pancakes with chocolate chips dotted beneath the surface. So delicious and yummy year round!

One of the things I have always struggled with is keeping a routine about what I eat. I get bored easily and need to change it up regularly. However, for at least two months I have had the same breakfast 5-6 times a week: Special K Red Berries with a sliced banana and Silk Soymilk. It is so good! The perfect meal after a workout. I crave a bowl of this good stuff all day. So far it hasn't gotten old at all. If anything, I have yet to be this successful meal planning.

Special K? Check!
Bananas? Check!
Soymilk? Check!
Breakfast for the week? Done!

Hot chocolate, coffee, and tea are all perfect mugs of happiness. It all depends on the mood. On the hot chocolate front, Nutella has been all I can think about. If you haven't tried Kandee Johnson's Nutella Hot Chocolate recipe. . . well, you're missing out. Don't wait. It is the most indulgent cup of creamy chocolate hazelnut goodness I have ever encountered. But I'm warning you it is addictive. I drank a huge mug three days in a row and then promptly went on a 12-step program. . .called me telling myself to "Get over it already!!!"

It's good to treat yourself to your own afternoon tea when the mood strikes.

Remind me to go back to HomeGoods and pick these up, please!
My Valentine's Day plans included a weekend of celebrations with my best friend. There was movie watching, cereal eating, makeup shopping, and of course a lovely romantic dinner.
SUSHI!!! Really. . . need I say more?

Do you know about Blogilates? If you are looking for a new workout, check out Cassey Ho and her workouts here. They have been kicking my butt. It is amazing how such small movements can burn so intensely. She creates calendars you can follow with playlists for daily workouts and has a really great community of people working hard to change their bodies.

 I've fallen off the band wagon the last couple weeks and hopped back on today. Oh man. . . burns so good!

I have had so much fun creating blog posts and YouTube videos. I love watching YouTube videos and reading blogs and if I'm not spending time with another human being, you can bet that I'm watching, writing, or filming. Joining Instagram and Twitter have also been a lot of fun. Many of the YouTubers I follow are from the UK so it's always fun to wake up and see what they have gotten up to for the day as I'm dragging my sleepy self out of bed. It's almost a peek into what my day could have in store, seeing as they are 5 hours ahead. A little inspiration in the morning never hurt anybody! 
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