Sunday, December 23, 2012

On the 12th Day of Beauty Buzz. . .oh 11th too!

On the 11th Day of Beauty Buzz. . .

I think I've mentioned this next gift idea in a video, check out my YouTube channel ( if you haven't yet! (My first videos are posted on my quinniemac channel, it's linked on my beauty channel too!)

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. . . it doesn't matter what the season or temperature your lips will love you for this!

Cherry Me and Grape Vine
Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm

It's so amazing! The little babies have an SPF 20 and hydrate your lips while adding beautiful color at the same time.

I'm known for carrying a handful (easily 5-7, no exaggeration) lip products in my purse at any given moment. What can I say? I like having choices and lip balm is a MUST HAVE if I'm going to apply any other lip product to my lips.

Am I the only one who doesn't feel like a human being if my lips are dry???

*Bonus: You can build the color by applying several swipes of these balms and you will WANT to reapply for the amazing smooth feeling they provide and the sweet fruity scent!

If you want a simple colorless lip balm, choose Quenched.

I keep one on my "beauty shelf" (yes I have a shelf for all my beauty products you need. . . . lip balm, lotion, qtips, that sort of thing) so I can easily swipe it on in the morning after brushing my teeth and right before going to bed at night. *I also keep one in the car!

On the 12th Day of Beauty Buzz. . .

I know this is a blog centered mostly on beauty products but lets be real. . . what isn't beautiful about CHOCOLATE?!

Especially these:
Chocolate Hazelnut Candies
Only 3???

Ferrero Rocher

Just imagine, a toasted hazelnut dropped into melted chocolate, enclosed by a light crispy wafer and that dipped into chocolate to form a ball and finally sprinkled with tiny bits of hazelnuts on the outside. All in a shiny gold wrapper.

THAT is the beauty of the Ferrero Rocher. I LOVE THESE! Hands down my absolute favorite candy or chocolate choice in the world. Nothing else can replace these. The combination of hazelnuts and chocolate is something that draws me in as many forms as possible, but no one does is quite like this! They are sold in small packs of 3 (perfect stocking stuffer!) as well as larger quantities. I got a pack of 15, which are in my little candy tin pictured above, left. These are candies I DO NOT share!

Well ok. . . maybe I share with just a few select people, but only 1 per customer!

Find them anywhere, WalMart, Target, BJs (for larger quantities) and many grocery store check-out aisles.

I hope you enjoyed my 12 days of gifts! Happy Shopping!

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