Monday, October 5, 2015

When Your Favorite is Gone

Another day of reading the inner thoughts of a makeup artist who should know better yet continues to make mistakes. Hey. . . I'm human!  :)

I have used the same moisturizer for about the last ten years and it is perfection. It's light, and works year round on my oily/combination skin. It's the L'Oreal Paris Active Daily Moisture Lotion and it is my EVERYTHING! I ran out about a week or two ago and have been using samples of Philosophy Hope in a Jar. It's pretty nice, but it is heavier than my oily skin needs. Additionally, it's $44.00, a huge price difference from my $7.99 (or cheaper) love.

I've stopped at WalMart, my go-to shopping destination, for this moisturizer twice and it hasn't been there. When I didn't see it at Target this weekend I got worried. I thought maybe it was discontinued and also had no desire to hunt for it from store to store that day. Regardless, the truth remained: I needed moisturizer. Badly! So I settled on a Olay moisturizer I used to use years ago.

This morning I put it on over my freshly washed face and saw my golden complexion masked in what looked like straight up sunscreen! It was terrible! There was a ghostly look to my skin and it barely sank into my skin. It was so awful that I re-washed my face to get it off. Luckily, I had a little bit of the Hope in a Jar left to use.

*In other news: I tried a new mascara from L'Oreal Paris and my lashes have stayed long and curled ALL. DAY. LONG!

More on that later. . . *

After work today, I got a new moisturizer at CVS (still couldn't find my Active Daily Moisture Lotion!) from Neutrogena and just tested it out on my face. Welcome back, happy moisturized skin.

Welcome back.

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