Saturday, January 5, 2013

My last night being 27!

Today is my grandfather's 82nd birthday! Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!

It is also the eve of my 28th birthday. As I sit here typing the last hour of being 27 I can't help but think. . . I don't know.

I had a really necessary conversation with a good friend of mine yesterday in which I expressed my mixed bag of emotions about my birthday this year. There's no big party, no friends coming in from out of town, but my family is here (YAY!!!). Everyone under one roof, ready to eat birthday cake (for the third time in two days!) and a good dinner tomorrow night. Plans to go to church, have a nice morning run, dance parties with the kids, movie watching (?), dinner with family and who knows what else.

Maybe tomorrow I'll treat myself to a little makeup shopping with one of my Christmas gift cards.

Either way, I will reveal my birthday makeup look and who knows what else.


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