Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Day 2 of Buzzing Beauty Gifts

The greatest thing I can do for my skin in the winter is exfoliate and moisturize! The cold winter wind wreaks havoc on my skin leaving it dry and crackly. A perfect gift to add to your beauty lover's stocking is The Body Shop's Vineyard Peach Cream Body Scrub.
Vineyard Peach Cream Body Scrub
The Body Shop also has other scents available: Shea, Cocoa Butter, Sweet Lemon, Olive, Moringa, Pink Grapefruit, Mango, and Coconut. I prefer the Vineyard Peach (peach is one of my favorite smells!) and The Body Shop has all of the scents available in testers so that you can open them up, smell them and even test them out on your hand. It is found at your nearest The Body Shop store (found in malls) or http://www.thebodyshop.com

This is a creamy exfoliating scrub that will whisk away dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth. It smells AMAZING like a fresh peach and the grains in the scrub are tough enough to get rid of grime and grit without harming your skin. Use this scrub in the shower with warm water. Apply a generous amount (I use about the size of a ping pong ball for my whole body) to wet skin and rub in circular motions. I apply this to my arms, stomach and legs including armpits and feet (by far the driest part of the body). Exfoliate before shaving for the closest shave possible.

Important tip: You must moisturize after using a scrub in the shower. Your skin is sensitive at this point and needs to be drenched in moisture. You can use a body lotion cream, or body butter to moisturize.

But more on that tomorrow. . .
That's the buzz!

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