Monday, January 19, 2015

Avoiding the "Swatch Trap"

What is a Swatch Trap you ask? First, it is something I just came up with. Second, it is that moment you realize that the new lip color you purchased is actually not as "perfect" as you thought when you swatched it on your hand in the store.


One of life's most difficult beauty issues is trying to be confident in colors you choose while in store. There are so many options out there and so many elements to consider.
  • lipstick, lip liner, or lip gloss?
  • what kind of finish do you want?
  • how many products are you willing to use at a time?
  • what color goes best with my skintone?
  • will this product last?
  • will it dry out my lips?
The list goes on and the process becomes overwhelming. Just today I was at Sephora (yay!) and I swatched more colors than I can remember. The trick however, is this:

The next time you are at the makeup store or counter and you swatch a lipstick, step outside of the store. Even if you are at a mall, when you step outside of the makeup store with all those bright fluorescent lights, you will get a truer look at what color you are choosing. Something that looks like a pinky-mauve can suddenly look plum in daylight.

Also, take your time. It's perfectly okay to swatch several colors and continue shopping around, whether it be in-store or elsewhere, before making your final choice. When I feel really uncertain, I take pictures of the swatch on my hand, the product itself, and the price, so that I can look at it again later. If I still feel that same excitement I felt the first time I saw the color, that is when I know that I've found the right one. . . such as this GORGEOUS lip crayon I bought today by Nars called Luxembourg. SO GORGEOUS!

Happy shopping!

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