Monday, December 17, 2012

On the (3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th) 8th Day of Beauty Buzz. . .


On the 3rd day. . .The Body Shop's Mango Body Butter smells like summer and hydrates like nobody's business! It is one of my favorite scents and I think you'll love it. Visit to see what other scents are available.

On the 4th day. . .Sephora's eyelash curlers just got a festive update! I use and love my Sephora eyelash curler but it's not in a beautiful jewel toned color! I love purple but would be the happy recipient of any of these gorgeous gems. Visit


This is the color I want!

On the 5th day. . .Anthropologie. . . . . words cannot begin to express my love for all the treasures one can find in this store. I always find something beautiful that I want (don't need, but want so badly!) at Anthropologie and these soaps are no different. They have about 6 different scents to choose from but the Mistral Grapefruit Red Currant was my favorite. Fresh and zingy! Visit


On the 6th day. . .Now we are entering dangerous territory. I love makeup bags. I would buy more makeup bags than purses/ handbags if I could easily put them on display.
 These cute little ones from J. Crew offer such classic sophistication and fun! Visit

Each $25.00

On the 7th day. . .
Originally $24.95, currently on sale for $16.99
Next up is this plaid makeup bag from Gap. In the past couple years I've purchased more button down plaid shirts than I care to admit. They're comfy and easy to dress up or dress down and why not dump all that desire from shirts into bags?! I know I love this one! Two zipper pockets and a melon/pink lining inside. Love that! Visit
On the 8th day. . . EOS lip balm (Evolution of Smooth) gives lips a coat of luxurious moisture during these dry winter months. I've had the lemon one (can't find it anywhere lately!) and it smells like lemonade. I suppose I really do enjoy summer scents in the winter. Really I enjoy summer scents anytime!

Well, there's your Beauty Buzzing Explosion, as promised! Check back soon for more!

That's The Buzz!

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